Monday, 10 October 2011

Oops, I deleted my blog

Oops, I'm sorry, I deleted my blog and didn't realise there were comments I hadn't responded to - apologies, apologies, apologies! I meant to blog more frequently but life got in the way and I had to quit the blogging. Anyway, thanks as ever for comments about the Photoshop actions - I'm glad people are able to get some use out of them and ahaha I do think you're lovely for saying you'd like to donate but honestly as long as people find them useful, that's good enough for me! I wasted A LOT of money on actions before I started creating them - some of them, I'd salivate over for ages, buy them and find they were totally useless. Don't make my mistakes - you don't need to buy actions!

(Some of this post may not make a lot of sense as I've deleted lots of my photography-related posts but never mind... hmm...)


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